Video + Social Media

Click above to play. You can see from that quick fun video we created 3 years ago the potential interactive video has to engage viewers. Sorry the drinks couldn’t actually be delivered just yet, but you can see the potential of interactive video.

Video is the highest performing content type and there’s no denying that video marketing is worth the investment see our blog post on all the statistics here.

The focus for business is now firmly on social videos (videos for social media sites) and the best results for businesses are from regular video content, we know that not all businesses have the time/ability to do this. Or they are doing it themselves and not getting results. You can’t just put up a video – it has to have good copy, appealing visuals and a strategy behind it.That’s where we can help out.

Video plus social media management is marketing brilliance so we combined them! We focus on creating and managing this for you- freeing your time up massively to concentrate on other areas of your business.

We create short snappy videos aligned with your brand for use in social media-this allows you to capture viewers’ interest in the first few seconds. We don’t create video ad hoc- we create according to your brand strategy, brand aesthetic and your goals. This is why all of our packages include a strategy consultation- this is vital as it means we will be developing content that will engage with your intended audience.

Not only do we CREATE the videos and branded images we can POST your content for you across your preferred channels. That’s right you are getting content creation and social media management, do some research about what either of these services cost alone and you will see this is a smart investment. You can also re purpose the video and stills we provide yourself later. We create using a mixture of your own brand assets (photos,logos or your own footage), design and our massive stock footage databases.

Our clients use videos for communicating:

  • Announcements
  • Discounts and sales
  • New products/services
  • Tips/How to’s/ Educational
  • Call to action
  • Stories (brand stories, behind the scenes stories, product stories lots of stories)
  • Testimonials
  • Special Events
  • Holiday greetings
  • Special Hours
  • Covid19 updates for their business
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads

To be successful with video you need to be consistent with your content rather than one single video. Social media takes a while to take off so most agencies have a minimum of 3 month contract. We believe you should stay with us because you love the results we get not because you’ve been forced to- so you can pay for a month- then if you want to switch to 3 or 6 month contract we will give you a discount on the monthly rate. Or you might want 5 videos and that’s it.

No discounts apply to interactive video or a custom video only package.

If you are still unsure about the power of social video or you have never used video in your business or don’t have the budget for our video+social media packages you can try the video only package, if you like the results you get we will deduct the price off any package you choose.

Check out our monthly social video + social media management packages below or if you need something custom please drop us an email.

The Process.

1.The first thing we do is work out where you are at with your social media content and where you want to go. Together we work out the best content and posting strategy in terms of the mix of video and images that will get your business the best results.

2.Content Creation

3.Post Approval/edit

4.Posts scheduled for the month

If we manage your social media we become one with your brand (and my team have advised I need to assure you don’t worry I’ll keep my weirdness/strange humour strictly on my own socials ;). Not a soul will know that your social media isn’t managed by you.

Video Creation + Social Media Management

Subscription Packages

Most clients choose a custom package as everyone has different needs.

Support Act

$ 900 AUD
Monthly inc GST
($225 per week)

What you get:

2 Social Channel Posting. (includes set up if required)

  • Strategy assessment & consultation
  • up to 6 videos created and posted per month
  • up to 6 still images posted per month

(EQUATES TO 3 posts per week)

  • Dedicated content server

The Show

$ 1,600 AUD
Monthly inc GST
($400 per week)

What you get:

Up to 4 Social Channel Posting. (includes set up if required)

  • Strategy assessment & consultation
  • up to 24 videos created and posted per month
  • up to 8 branded images posted per month


Daily Social account engagement & management (up to 4 accounts) in line with strategy.

Dedicated approval server

Analytics report


$ 3,600 AUD
Monthly inc GST.
($900 per week)

What you get:

Up to 5 Social Channel Posting. (includes set up if required)

  • Strategy assessment & consultation
  • 1 hour on location shoot/product branding shoot (combination of video & photography).

1 longer video for website/youtube

24 videos created and posted per month

8 branded images posted per month

Social account engagement & management (up to 5 accounts) in line with strategy.

Dedicated approval server

*Includes $200 managed facebook advertising

Analytics report

Custom Gala

$ Get in touch.

We know not one size fits all. You may want to post your content yourself. You may want one video and a logo or business cards designed and printed. 

So contact us for a custom quote aligned for your strategy and budget.

*Note that as our long term clients are our priority availability for super short projects will vary.