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Branding Packages & Branding Strategy:

Branding Packages offer a transformation for your business, encapsulating its essence into a captivating identity. From logo design to strategic messaging and everything in between these packages forge a powerful connection with your audience, enhancing recognition and trust. Elevate your business’s presence and stand out amidst the competition with our customised branding packages.

Branding-Know Yourself Show Yourself

Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? How will you get there? How will you present yourseIf?

It’s ok to be emotional about your brand (just not the crying/tearing your hair out kind). We exist to prevent you tearing your hair out! Instead let’s get other people all emotional and happy about your brand.

It’s exciting starting a new business- but it can also be overwhelming-we help you start off right by having a clear strategy and brand identity aligned to your business goals. I’m in many business groups and forums- and time and time again I see businesses:

  • having to “rebrand”, “start over”
  • struggling because they can’t understand why after an initial order they are aren’t getting enough clients.
  • trying to get their brand sorted from multiple suppliers.
  • getting bombarded by ads about “seo” “facebook ads” “lead funnels” “blueprints” etc and feeling like if they invest in one of these things they will get “the answer”.

There’s no magic bullet, things that work for one business may not work for yours. We start with a good foundation, we work with you to do the ground work and create strategies that will help your brand.

Custom Branding Package:

The Marrow

We quote depending on what you need so are doing away with packages- pick and choose what you need.

How it works

We learn about your business, your goals and dreams. 





What you get
(Combination of)

  • Implementable Brand strategy
  • Primary Logo Secondary
  • Logo/Monogram
  • BrandMark
  • Animated Logo
  • Social Banners
  • Headshot/Mini Branding photo session products/site shots/in situ etc.
  • Brand Guidelines
  • One social video for launch/product/ad/general

NOTE: Receivables will be tailored to finding the right solution to fit your brand. This will be agreed upon prior to commencement.

What it costs.

The Marrow Branding Package starting from $950.00 (AUD).

You are also eligible for discounts on:

* We will give you a custom quote so you get exactly what you need.

Taster Mini Branding Audit

If you just want to gauge where your brand is at, or if you are on the fence about purchasing The Marrow try a Taster Mini Brand Audit- you will get heaps of value just by doing this, plus get a taste of what it is like to work with us. If you then go on to purchase The Marrow Branding Package we will deduct $100 off the fee.

Please contact us if you have questions.

How it works

The Taster Mini Brand Audit involves an audit of:

1. Your internal branding (alignment with business plan)

2. External branding (How you are using design and copy to communicate your brand)

  • business logo
  • print/online advertising
  • marketing materials
  • website
  • social media accounts and content
  • email marketing
  • any advertisements you are currently running

3. Competitor comparison

4. Consumer experience (if applicable)

What you get
(Combination of)

Custom written report or a video call which will be recorded (whatever you prefer) of brand audit findings which will help you move forward by knowing:

  • How your brand is perceived
  • Your brand strengths weaknesses and inconsistencies.
  • Clear vision of your client
  • Custom Action Plan

What it costs.

The Taster Mini Brand Audit is $300.00 (AUD).

If you then choose to purchase The Marrow – we deduct the $100 off the package.

You are also eligible for discounts on: